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What is WayKonect ?

WayKonect is a connected solution. Our onboard technology, the KeyKonect, plugs very easily on your vehicle and works in autonomy. With our intuitive application or our web platform, you will stay connected with your vehicles.


  • Optimize your operating costs
    and spare a lot.

    Manage your fleet's fuel consumption.

    Keep an eye on your distance coverage.

    Anticipate your vehicles break down and maintenance.


With our smart solution, anticipate et operate without delay.

Be informed immediately on the availability of your fleet.

Diagnostic potential problems on your vehicles.

Visualize your data anytime with our mobile application and our web platform.


  • Be reactive in all circumstances.

    In case In case road accident occurs with one of your vehicles, an alert automatically alert first aid allowing them to operate faster.

    In case an impact occurs, be informed immediatly of potential damage.


Locate in real time every single vehicle of your fleet

In case a theft occurs or while you are parked, easily locate your vehicle

Get a resume of all your routes and optimize them.

Enable or disable geolocation easily.


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